Representing Your Wills and Estate Litigation

Losing a loved one is a devastating experience. And while you go through this time of mourning you still have to settle the estate affairs of the deceased. Accomplishing such transactions while in such a drained state is shattering. This is especially so if you feel something is not right in the way the will is being interpreted. If you need legal help in disbursing the will then we at Lacy Law are here for you. If someone is trying to take advantage of you your personal injury lawyer Charleston WV will be there to
protect you.

The Services We Offer

While issues to do with estate disbursement can be nerve-wracking we are here to help you resolve the issues. We will help you resolve the will if you feel it is not being interpreted correctly. We will also represent you when you feel the will is not being executed as it should be. If you feel that the administrator of the estate is trying to swindle you out of your right or can’t seem to be coming to an understanding with them then we will stand for you. If you ever feel that the will came about through duress or that the deceased was not of enough mental capacity to write it then we will represent you and get your due rights.

Noteworthy Experience

We are not your everyday firm but have over 40 years of experience doing this very thing. We have recovered damages in million dollar and multi-million dollar settlements. We have served the state of West Virginia faithfully enough to get a track record even among fellow firms across the nation. We are a reliable partner who will ensure you are compensated what is rightfully yours. We understand the position you are in and will not as you for a dime until we have gotten you paid your damages. Call us today for your free consultation on +1-304-741-5565 and let us walk this journey together.

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