Oil and Gas Litigation Representation

The oil and gas exploration industry makes up for a good portion of the West Virginia economy. There are a good number of WV residents that have had to deal with oil and gas companies over the years. Yet, sadly, many have been taken advantage of not knowing their rights over their land. At Lacy Law we know what it means to have someone take advantage of you as we are the personal injury lawyer Charleston WV of choice. We are there to stand up for your rights as well. There is a broad range of disputes and negotiations that arise during these precious deposits dealings.

Areas of Litigation Representation

The first step you need to make when dealing with oil and gas companies is to undertake negotiations. This is where you will deal with lease and royalty negotiations. The wisest move is to involve us at this stage so we can represent you with our knowledge base from the onset. If you have gotten yourself in a predicament where you are already in a tussle with an energy company then we will faithfully represent you in those disputes. We will also cater to royalty, contract, joint ownership, and other forms of disputes.

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In Safe Hands

We understand that land disputes can be very disruptive to normal life and can affect your family through generations to come. And that is why we come in to fight for your rights so your offspring does not suffer in the future. With over 40 years of active practice to back us up, you are assured you are getting represented by experienced professionals with your best interest at heart. We will not ask you for a dime until we have won your case and benefits. Be sure to reach out to us on +1 304-741-5565 and let us guide you through this legal process. We are situated on 103 Pennsylvania Ave N, Charleston, WV 25302, USA.

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