Insurance Disputes Representation

You faithfully pay your insurance premiums with the expectation that when you need your insurance company, they will be there for you. Then the accident. And that day when you need your insurance company arrives. But now the insurance company isn’t taking your calls, or worse yet, has denied your claim. We have seen this same scenario time and again.

At Lacy Law Offices, we are here for you. We know how it feels to be denied by your insurance company and offer you the experience of 40 years of litigation representation. We protect your interests against the insurance company and preserve your rights. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Know your rights.

Our Track Record

We are an acclaimed law firm that has spent more than four decades recovering damages for people throughout the state of West Virginia. We stand for the rights of every citizen and are recognized statewide for delivering results in a professional and effective manner.

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Our Area of Expertise

We know insurance companies. They delay. They use confusing language. They decide to pay your claim based on what they claim its worth. They may even decide to terminate your coverage when you make a claim. Don’t allow the insurance company to determine your worth. Before you sign away your rights, talk with a lawyer. Know what the insurance company isn’t telling you.

If your claim has been refused by your insurance company or they dispute coverage, call Lacy Law Offices at +1-304-741-5565 for a free consultation.

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